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About Student Midwife Amie...

Midwife: Amie Walder, SM

I have always loved babies, I began babysitting for neighbors at the age of 10. My love for children took me down many paths. I thought I wanted to be a teacher, but quickly realized a classroom of 30 children is difficult to manage! (I Love Teachers!) I was a nanny while attending Sierra College and loved taking care of children. The mothers I worked for were full of knowledge and had a deep passion for quality in their children's lives that left a lasting impression on me. My husband and I became foster parents and I began to utilize the things I had learned from these wise women and mothers who walked this path before me. I knew I wanted great things for my own children.

The very first birth I attended was a long lasting labor, 20 years ago, also attended by a Birth Doula. The Doula was so full of information, and her ability to explain, comfort, and support a mother through her long journey of labor and delivery left me in complete awe. I was so impressed and full of passion to help educate and support other moms that I continued to absorb all things birth related and soon found myself attending many births as a Doula full of information and comfort. I loved birth and helping moms experience the birth they envisioned for their baby.

It wasn’t long before I hired that same wonderful woman to be my Doula at my children's births. I studied Hypnobirthing with her as my childbirth education and prepared for the most natural, gentle births possible. During and after each class she offered handouts and an opportunity to ask questions and have discussion with her as well as other pregnant parents. I feel the importance of a support network for building confidence in yourself as a parent. Parenting is challenging and it takes a village. It really does!

As my children grew and began to be more independent I returned to college with the goal of becoming a Labor and Delivery Nurse. Doula work had lit my fire and I wanted to support moms desiring a more natural birth in the hospital setting. I attended evening classes while simultaneously working in the front office of my children's school, a local Waldorf method charter school called Golden Valley. Once again, I found my passion and loved being with children and teachers! Golden Valley is also where Randi and I first met - both of us had children in the same class and our paths crossed often.

I finally finished my prerequisites for Nursing school and was ready to apply, and yet I repeatedly seemed to hit closed doors. The spaces for nursing classes are few, and the demand is quite high. I knew any extra experience pertaining to the medical world would increase my chances of getting accepted. Frustrated and thinking outside the box, I took a long shot and asked Randi, in the middle of a pandemic, while our region was under shelter in place (quarantine) if I could complete 200 volunteer hours with her and her practice….?

To my delight she said yes! It didn’t take long for me, riding around in her car visiting brand new families and so many pregnant women preparing for the very things I had studied for years...I quickly realized I could hear Midwifery calling me too! I took my completed prerequisites for Nursing school and transferred them over, successfully enrolling in Midwifery school with a planned graduation date in December of 2022! I am thankful for the path that led me to Midwifery and Family Tree Midwifery and I am enjoying every step of this journey and grateful to be a part of your care! 

Hello from our "car office" :)

Snuggles at our 2021 annual picnic!

Teaching big siblings!

Massaging mama feet while watching hospital monitors like a hawk! (Continued support from a home to hospital transport)

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