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FAQ and Details

Do you travel to my area?

Family Tree Midwifery offers Primary Midwifery Care with a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife & patient specific support teams. We currently serve all areas surrounding our home office in Orangevale, California up to 60 minutes away for in person out of hospital (usually home) deliveries. We offer complementary location based (usually home) appointment options for families UNDER 30 minutes away.

Do you have a schedule of Midwifery services?

The beauty of our services is that care looks different for each person! It's truly based on you. Some families start as soon as 3-4 weeks or missed period/positive home pregnancy test for information gathering, lab work confirming rising Hcg (pregnancy) hormone levels and progesterone levels. We may also offer things such as

  • 6-7 weeks for early vaginal ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy and dating calculations

  • Some parents need more intense treatments such as IV hydration for hyperemesis at this point. (severe nausea and vomiting related to pregnancy) 

  • 8-9 weeks we now have a 50/50 chance of hearing a heartbeat out loud by doppler

  • 10 weeks lab work drawn by your Midwife commonly called "The NIPT Test or NIPT screening" (Non invasive pregnancy/prenatal testing) - which includes a DNA spectrum from fetal cells the lab finds in a sample of the mothers blood! This screening can accurately reveal fetal sex and some chromosomal surprises with incredible accuracy. Other first trimester labs can be drawn at this time if desired. 

Many families have a first in person appointment with the Midwife at 10-12 weeks when we can hear almost all babies heartbeats easily by doppler by this point. Some of our families prefer to have us use a traditional fetoscope to hear the baby starting at 18 weeks in order to minimize exposure to doppler scanning technology. 

Face to Face appointments occur with your Midwife about every 4 weeks, increasing in frequency upon reaching the third trimester and culminating with weekly appointments the last month. Individual circumstances may require more visits, urgent office visits, or visits which are longer than average. Each prenatal appointment is packed full of individualized, trauma informed care and advice, and includes all the offerings that are standard in any maternity care setting (labs, ultrasounds, screenings etc.) as well as Holistic Midwifery and so much more.


Declining at least a few of these offerings is expected, remember these are examples of some of our standard OFFERINGS...that does not mean you are required to accept and do everything offered - your understanding of each offering as it approaches will enable you to make a truly informed decision -- which is most important on this journey! 

What about Labor and Birth? Childbirth Prep for a non medicated birth, and physical and emotional support for labor will be provided with special care to incorporate all the family members you desire present for the big day. Water Birth Options will be Provided along with set up and break down of tubs as needed. Your team will assist in the birth, and monitor mother and baby during the immediate transition following delivery. Fully stocked emergency medical equipment and pharmaceutical supplies as one would find in a standard hospital delivery room expecting a full term infant, as well as advanced Midwifery skills are brought to every single birth, and yet space and faith are held with the belief that birth is, most of the time, a natural process, designed to work, that should unfold as undisturbed as possible. Importance is placed on family bonding and a strong belief is held that birth should be centered around mother, baby and family, not unnecessary medical protocols ...because we understand there is so much more to birth than simply not dying....


How long does my team stay following delivery? In the 3-4 hours following delivery, Mother and Baby are monitored for normal recovery and stability while space is held for bonding and attachment much longer than "60 Golden Minutes." Birth canal tears are numbed and repaired and help with breastfeeding is offered as needed. The room stays soft and quiet as family bonding takes priority during this sacred time. Helping hands surround the fresh family to clean and wash, pack up medical equipment, take out trash, start laundry in a quiet whirlwind of post delivery support and cleaning up around the new family. Prior to the team leaving, the baby will be given a gentle thorough Pediatric head to toe assessment on a warm pad next to their family in the recovery bed. Mother is assisted to the restroom at least once during this time, cleaned from her birthing experience and is stable and feeling well prior to the teams departure. The family is left fed, warm and all tucked in a clean bed and surroundings, to rest and soak in the bliss of new life.

What happens after the day of birth?

We remain on call for you 24/7 and your team returns in the early postpartum days and weeks to ensure successful recovery is underway, infant feeding goals are being met, the parents are confident caring for their newborn and the family is transitioning as expected. For the safety of both parent and newborn we require all families to receive a minimum of 2 weeks postpartum care with their team.

What about the Birth Certificate and Social Security Card for baby?

Everything you need to receive your baby's birth certificate and social security card will be included.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Some families are asked to pay a non-refundable deposit. This is typically done for families signing on late for care after 12 weeks gestation, specific instructions will be given for your situation. ​Again, ALL deposits are non-refundable.


Can I have a team for only the birth? Can I have a Midwife for only the birth?

Though it seems like a great way to cut costs at first thought, for liability and ethical reasons a Midwife nor anyone from our team will ever show up for "just the birth" We will not respond to any requests for services by anyone currently in labor who has not previously established care with us this pregnancy. Our services are most successful when used to their fullest, including prenatal care, education, screening and preparation as a team for your desired birth and utilization of our referrals. Remember you are hiring a Midwife and extended support team, with the hopeful outcome of your dream delivery experience...this requires more than a Midwife (or any human - no matter who they are) just showing up during labor. 

Will you offer me a discount if I sign on late for care?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a discount for registering later or earlier in pregnancy, we will actually require a deposit depending on your circumstances.​ 

Do you accept insurance? HSAs? Health Shares? 

Yes! We can accept all of the above, as well as credit, debit, venmo, zelle and more. Please see our Insurance Page to view details about obtaining a verification of benefits from our biller and/or a potentially lowered monthly amount due based on your insurance/other coverage. 

What if I have a provider(s) outside of Family Tree that I want to use?

Accessing any care provider outside of Family Tree is not covered and discounts are not offered for these services. Please keep in mind if you are seeing two providers for maternity services, insurance will typically cover one provider - Midwives are not the preference -  and you will need a payment plan to cover our services out of pocket. 

Do you offer refunds?

We do not offer refunds for any reason. All deposits are non-refundable. In cases of miscarriage or some medical reasons, we will prorate our fees for services offered - please inquire about your specific situation.

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