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Pregnancy  &  Parenting Packages

Midwifery Care Package

  • $0 Deposit

  • $700 x 12 months

  • OR

  • $470 x 18 months

This luxurious base plan includes:

  • Your own Midwifery Team and care as described below in the details section

  • Maternal & Fetal Screenings

  • Fetal NIPT & Early Gender Detection

  • Blood Work, Screenings & Diagnostic Ultrasounds

  • Unlimited Ultrasounds (in house)

  • Home Birth Water Birth Pool Rental & Management

  • The Tree House Home Office Birth Suite 

  • Chiropractic Referral and Establishment as needed

  • Massage Therapy Referral and Establishment as needed

  • Postpartum Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy Referral and Establishment as needed

  • Virtual Pregnancy Groups & Book Clubs

  • Tele-Health and Urgent Appointment Options

  • On-Call Staff at Your Fingertips

Customize your Care Package

  • + $100 x 12 months OR

  • + $67 x 18 months All In-Home Maternity and Postpartum For families up to 60 minutes away wishing to add All In-Home Appointments through 6 weeks postpartum, they may now add on this customization to their plan. (Urgent appointments and those outside of 6 weeks postpartum may require an office visit.)

  • + $300-$1000/mo x 12 to 18 months Hyperemesis Solutions (is available to any pregnant person as a stand alone service!) suffering with extreme vomiting requiring urgent office or planned bedside IV hydration from 1 to 3 times per week, including labs and medications as needed. (Final pricing adjusted based on actual use of services.) 

  • + $200 x 12 months OR

  • + $133 x 18 months Massage Therapy allows us to refer to pregnancy expert massage therapists known for the ability to release stress throughout pregnancy, reduce the risk of poorly positioned baby (such as breech), increase overall comfort, ability to function and rest, and improve the odds of a shorter labor! Really? Really -Really!! 

  • + $130 x 12 months OR

  • + $87 x 18 months *Professional Birth Doula - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for FIRST TIME PARENTS! Professional Birth Doula - includes prenatal and postpartum appointments and start to finish labor support for your whole family, regardless of when or where you birth! 

  • + $250 x 12 months OR

  • + $167 x 18 months **MOST REQUESTED ADD ON!* Professional Photography - Our experienced birth photographer is at your service, to capture the journey and all those memories along the way! The beautiful swell of pregnancy in maternity photos, the sweat and victory of labor to perfect tiny toes. In fast action, twinkle light, maybe under water conditions - don't compromise on skill level for once in a lifetime pictures! 

  • + $580 x 12 months OR

  • + $387 x 18 months Newborn Comfort and/or Oral Restriction Care - All babies with this coverage will receive at minimum weekly chiropractic and massage to ease and soften tight, painful muscle and fascia tissue layers. Watch gas and constipation issues disappear, spontaneous range of motion improvement and increased calm demeanor. Latch and position issues rapidly resolve and a truly happy, content baby appears! This add on includes consultation and revisions as needed with a local pediatric dentist highly experienced in newborn oral restrictions. An excellent supplement to any plan for all babies to receive!

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