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Insurance Information

First things first - Step One is always a Verification of Benefits commonly called a VOB - This is process in which you give our billing team your insurance information and allow them to call to speak in insurance/payor language to your insurance/payor and get an idea of what your coverage looks like for our services - this is often very different information than families get when they call themselves. The VOB will tell us what insurance will pay for their portion of our services and what you will be expected to pay for your portion. 


  • We CANNOT bill for MediCal, Tricare or Sutter Select at this time.

  • We CANNOT bill HMO plans.

  • We are NOT affiliated or in network for any plans.

  • We CANNOT bill for any of our virtual services.

  • YES WE CAN BILL ANY PPO plan with out of network maternity coverage.

  • YES We ARE able to accept Health Savings Account HSA cards. 

  • YES We DO accept ALL Health Shares/Payors - Unless you are prepaying with Cash upfront of $8,500 for Professional Midwifery Services Only, Health Shares are Superbilled/Invoiced directly by the provider whenever possible for a discounted health share rate (please see your contract). However, some Health Shares do require the use of our billing service due to the Health Shares coded billing requirements OR known delays in processing times and required follow up for progress.



We do NOT reduce monthly fees for care with Providers outside of Family Tree Health.

We do NOT offer refunds for any reason.

To get started, you will need to gather your Insurance/Payor ID or Member cards and get ready to fill out a form so our biller can contact your insurance/payor and gather information. Once you have completed your form, we should have results for you in 2-3 days! 

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