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Midwife Randi Payton LM,CPM Lover of Mothers to Be & Tiny Humans of All Kinds


Student Midwife Amie Walder Queen of Scheduling Baby Whisperer


Ashley Catto Birth Assistant Resident Birth Doula and Photographer Blessed with Labor Progression Fairy Magic Guardian of Sacred Space


We love helpers and assistants (big siblings to be)! There are always jobs to do! Here we are teaching with pictures & listening to the baby's heartbeat with doppler, big sis is starting to understand what's happening! Exciting!


We basically live in the car! Always a team!


Team Meetings happen everywhere!

We are SO happy you have found us and we are SO excited to meet you!

Family Tree Midwifery offers complete start-to-finish care for mom and baby: from pre-conception advice, early hcg (labs) and ultrasound as needed to confirm pregnancy, routine prenatal care, home birth, (birth suite coming soon...) including water birth if desired, and postpartum follow up for mom and baby for a full six weeks or beyond for those who desire to continue care - with a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife and Certified Assistants. Check out our Service & Pricing Menu for all the details!


Family Tree Midwifery strives to give THE VERY BEST to each and every client. We take pride in balancing the ancient art of community midwifery with the science of modern medical care and advancements of technology, individually tailored to each mother and her specific family needs and wishes. We are truly rebuilding the village we often feel is missing from today, full of warmth, and encouragement. We take passion in education and attention to detail and understand that birth is an incredibly important journey, unique to each family. We want you to learn, make educated and informed decisions that you feel are best for your family, have your family members included in all the aspects of your care that you desire, and feel absolutely cherished during your time with us! We want to bring back a feeling of community, of growing deep roots that will replenish parents and nurture tiny humans long past the Birthday!

Family Tree Midwifery has a home office in Orangevale CA and we offer services to the greater Sacramento Area and surrounding Counties (including Sacramento, Placer, Yuba, Yolo and El Dorado County) within 60 minutes of home base. Family Tree Midwifery offers payment plans and insurance billing! 

Please feel free to browse around the website for more information. When you are ready for your FREE CONSULTATION, or if you have unanswered questions, visit our contact page. 


We joyously look forward to starting this journey with you! 

Randi, Amie & Ashley

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