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Welcome Home, Friend.

Family Tree has been serving high quality pre-conception, maternity, birth and long term parent and newborn care to the Greater Sacramento Area (including Sacramento, El Dorado, Placer, and parts of Yuba and Yolo Counties) for over a decade. We ensure safety and comfort at Home and Destination Birth Locations. We boast a 94% Planned Birth Location Success Rate and 100% team attendance rate, regardless of location. We mean it when we say we are there for YOU! Our Providers are Licensed by the California State Medical Board, and carry pharmaceutical medications and hospital grade safety equipment to every appointment and birth. We are passionate about blending the Ancient Holistic Art of Midwifery with current Evidence Based Science, and, working alongside other Holistic Healthcare Providers, creating life impacting results! 

We recognize and acknowledge the gaps that seem so hard to avoid as a patient in today's medical system, and we feel the vacancy of a village that no longer exists to fill today's parenting needs. We rise to meet this void with Tree House Health - An ever growing village full of warmth, integrity and encouragement. We want you to learn, make educated and informed decisions that you feel are best for you and your pregnancy, have your desired family members included in your care, and feel cherished during your time with us! We are bringing back the community, and growing deep roots that will replenish parents and nurture tiny humans long past The Day of Birth!

We believe if we want different results we have to try different actions...If we want to raise children able to grow and evolve into adults that are able to creatively think to solve the problems of today's world and tomorrow's world - of the world that is now theirs, we have to start growing, birthing, nurturing and parenting them entirely differently. 

Come join us at Tree House Health. Grow something different. Discover your village.

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