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Now Available! Virtual

Virtual Coaching

This completely virtual plan includes the following offerings:

  • Your own Coach

  • Information & Options for Maternal & Fetal Screenings if feasible & desired

  • Prenatal and Postpartum Virtual Appointments packed with information and time for all your questions 

  • Access to Live Virtual Class or Video Childbirth Education Course

  • Collaborative Resources: book lists, websites, forums and resources continuously updated

  • On-Call Availability*

  • Tele-Health and Urgent Appointment Options*

Who is virtual care for?! We typically serve:

  • Allied healthcare professionals wanting a second opinion with holistic maternity and out of hospital birth experience available

  • Persons unable to receive maternity care in a traditional format for many reasons ranging from mental & emotional health, location of residence or fast labor and birth history

  • Persons needing supportive understanding and trauma informed care throughout their journey

  • Persons wanting information about current medical recommendations without scare tactics or obligations

  • Persons wanting their own virtual Midwife for confidence in their decision making

  • Persons wanting Midwifery Coaching to supplement their regular insurance covered healthcare with holistic advice and education for confidence they, and baby, are not slipping through the cracks 

  • Make no mistake. Virtual care is not a cheap, easy way to get Midwifery Care, it requires ownership and responsibility for the outcome of each decision, from you, the parents, as the primary care providers of your unborn baby. It requires thinking ahead and planning. It can be the most liberating and healing experience one feels called to complete, but not without appropriate mindset and preparation.

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