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Family Tree Midwifery

Midwifery & Birth Services

How can we take care of you today?

$6800  Midwifery Services 

  • Primary Midwifery care - as described below
  • Additional Individual Services can be added on to this package as needed/desired. (labs, ultrasound, tub rental, photography or Doula etc.) 
  • Perfect for families who do not desire, or already have resources in place for additional services they desire.
  • 10% discount offered on this package if paid in CASH (not including add ons) 

$8400  Comprehensive

  • Primary Midwifery Care - as described below is included plus all of the following:
  • ALL Standard Maternity and Newborn Labs - (including follow up labs as needed) are drawn by your Midwife at home (or our cozy home office for those of you a bit further out) 
  • 20 week Diagnostic Anatomy Ultrasound Scan by a professional radiologist located in Roseville ,
  • Premium Birth Pool Services for all your luxurious warm water wishes.
  • This package is ideal for families who desire to include most of the offerings found in managed care, but will not have insurance coverage to help offset cost. 

$10,000  All the Things

  • Primary Midwifery Care - as described below is included plus all of the following: 
  • All Standard Maternity and Newborn Labs
  • 20 week Diagnostic Ultrasound Anatomy Scan
  • Premium Birth Pool Services
  • Birth Doula Services
  • Birth Photography Services
  • Placenta Encapsulation, Tincture and Art as desired (see our Placenta Services Page)
  • Milk Bath and Belly Binding (see our Belly Binding Page) 
  • so basically, ALL the amazing things we have to offer!

Package Add-On Options

  • $1500 Birth Doula and/or Photography add-on!
  • $300 Placenta Encapsulation (see our Placenta Services Page)
  • $200 Belly Binding (see our Belly Binding Page)
  • These options are great if you don't desire ALL the options in our other packages, but would prefer to upgrade our Simply Midwifery offering.

Appointment with a Midwife

  • $200 Office Visit + lab/supply fees as appropriate - 45 minute appointment at our cozy home office in Orangevale
  • $300 Home Visit + lab/supply fees as appropriate - 45 minute appointment at your home (within one hour of our home office in Orangevale)
These visits are ideal for PAP Smears or annual well woman exams, families who are traveling/moving, or families who practice unassisted birthing but need medications/screenings/letters or other offerings (RhoGam, Labwork, Suturing, Verification Letters for Birth Certificate etc.)

Virtual and A La Carte Options

  • $60 Virtual Visit - up to 60 minute appointment with a Midwife on a virtual platform 
  • $3000 On-Call Virtual Birth Support - Includes Virtual Prenatal Childbirth Education with Midwife

Additional Information  and Details


Family Tree Midwifery offers Primary Midwifery Care with a California Medical Board Licensed Midwife to be paid in full prior to delivery. We currently serve all areas surrounding our home base in Orangevale up to 60 minutes away. We require office appointments and a $600 travel fee for families over 35 minutes away, because we will be coming to YOU for the birth and immediate appointments leaving you to rest in your own home without travel!

Prenatal care can start as early as 6 weeks for early ultrasound confirmation of pregnancy and dating as needed. (Yes! We carry portable ultrasound, and offer in-house lab draws including early sneak peak prenatal genetic testing as desired!) Early visits occur about every 4 weeks, increasing in frequency upon reaching the third trimester and culminating with weekly appointments the last month. Individual circumstances may require more visits, or visits which are longer than our 45 minute average. Each prenatal appointment is packed full of individualized care and advice, and includes all the offerings that are standard in maternity care (labs, ultrasounds, screenings etc.) 

Labor and Birth: Physical and emotional support for active labor is provided with special care to incorporate all the family members you desire present for the big day. We will assist in the birth of the baby and placenta, and monitor mother and baby during the immediate transition following delivery. Fully stocked emergency medical equipment and supplies as one would find in a standard hospital delivery room expecting a full term infant, as well as advanced Midwifery skills are brought to every single birth, and yet space and faith are held with the belief that birth is, most of the time, a natural process that should unfold as undisturbed as possible. Importance is placed on family bonding and a strong belief that birth should be centered around mother, baby and family, not unnecessary medical protocols. 

There is so much more to birth than simply not dying....

Immediate Postpartum: In the 3-4 hours following delivery, Mother and Baby are monitored for normal recovery and stability while space is held for bonding and attachment. Birth canal tears are numbed and repaired and help with breastfeeding is offered as needed. The room stays soft and quiet as family bonding takes priority during this sacred time. Helping hands clean and wash, pack up equipment, take out trash and start laundry in a quiet whirlwind of post delivery support around the new family. Prior to the team leaving, the baby will be given a gentle Pediatric head to toe assessment on a warm pad next to their parents in the family bed. Mother is assisted to the restroom at least once during this time and is stable and feeling well. The family is left fed and warm and all tucked in a clean bed and surroundings, to rest and soak in the bliss of new life.

 But, it's not done yet! We remain on call for your family so that any concerns or questions can be immediately answered by the Midwife at your fingertips, 24/7/365! We will come back a few times in the early postpartum days to ensure successful physical recovery is underway, infant feeding goals and weight gain are being met, and parents are confident caring for their newborn. We are licensed as Primary Care providers for newborns through six weeks of age which means anything you would see a Pediatrician for in the first six weeks, is included in your care. We recommend establishing care with a Pediatrician, Chiropractor or other healthcare professional around 8 weeks after birth to begin well baby check ups.


Details, including our refund policy etc. will be agreed upon in a separate financial contract upon signing up for care, this is a brief overview. While we do offer insurance billing, insurances will not accept claims for our services until after the services are rendered. Therefore we require payment in full before the birth and insurance billing is done in hopes of reimbursement up to the amount you prepaid. Please reach out if you need clarification. 

If you are billing insurance or a health share, your prepaid funds will serve as a deposit for paying your deductibles, co-pays and member/patient responsibility portions of your insurance coverage and less money will be reimbursed to you than what you paid up front based on the amounts of your deductibles, co-pays, member/patient responsibility portions.


All families are asked to pay a $2000 non-refundable deposit, no later than the first prenatal appointment, or within 14 days of a verbal agreement to sign on for care. All deposits ARE applied toward your balance and/or deductibles, co-pays, member/patient responsibilities. Deposits will reserve your spot in your due month, and once accepted, we will decline other potential clients in the month you are due. We cannot reserve due date availability based on verbal desire only.

Again, ALL deposits are non-refundable, but DO count toward your total balance!


For liability and ethical reasons a Midwife will never show up for "just the birth" like an ambulance, and we will not respond to any requests for services by anyone in labor who has not already established care with us. Our services are most successful when used to their fullest, including prenatal care, education, screening and preparation as a team for your desired birth. Remember you are hiring a Midwife, for continuous Midwifery services and all that entails, with the hopeful outcome of a delivery at home...this requires more than a Midwife (or anyone) just showing up during labor. 


Families signing up for care at 38 weeks receive the same pricing as families signing up for care at 4 weeks. Often there is MORE work to do when a family joins us later in their journey. There is a lot of "catching up" as well as prioritizing the most relevant aspects of Midwifery care later in the pregnancy. Much of the groundwork preparation for natural birth must be cast aside and client/provider relationship establishment is rushed. Records and information from other providers must be reviewed, compiled and a complete record continued moving forward. For these and many other reasons, we do not offer a discount for signing on late for care.

Did we answer all your questions? Reach out to schedule a free one hour consultation and tell us how we can take care of you today!