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8oz mason jar of organic and beautifully layered belly paste powder. Must be mixed with carrier oil of your choice, to strength of your preference. 


We recommend trying Vitamin E, Coconut or Apricot Oil until you find a favorite. Start with a tsp or two of the paste powder in a bowl, add carrier oil until desired texture of paste for applying. 


Test for skin sensitivity prior to use on a small area on the back of your hand and wait 24 hours to observe for redness, itching or irritation. ** May stain skin!*


Use a small amount over the uterine area to increase blood flow and keep warm for healing. (Between pubis symphysis and below belly button - over uterine area.) Cover and leave on for desired amount of time. (3-4 hours at a time is recommended) Wipe or wash to remove.


Works best when used along with belly binding, but does not have to be used simultaneously. In other words, the paste does not have to be worn under the belly binding, but does seem to work best when used at the same time frame as belly binding.


***Do NOT apply to mucus membranes or near fresh wounds (cesarean - wait until 6-8 weeks or wounds are completely closed. Some may need to wait as long as 12 weeks if wound healing is slow). Use a small amount until you get the hang of it - oils typically become more runny on skin vs when mixing in a glass bowl and these are HOT - SPICY herbs. Do NOT get on baby's skin! Avoid mucus membranes - private areas - eyes - nose - entire baby - etc. Use caution is all.*** 

Concentrated Organic Belly Paste

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  • For hygenic reasons - No returns or refunds! 

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