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Embracing the Power of Pink Elephant Imagery

Our minds work in fascinating ways, especially when it comes to processing negative commands. Consider the example of children - how often do they seem to do exactly what we tell them not to do? As a parent, I've learned that replacing negative commands with positive alternatives yields much better results. Instead of "Don't Run!" I opt for "Walking Feet!" and the response is more positive. It's incredible how a simple change in tone, word choice and approach can capture attention and thought processes in a whole new way.

For instance, when I tell you, "Don't think of a Pink Elephant," you may find yourself picturing a pink elephant, even though I instructed you not to. It's all about the power of imagery and how our minds work. By introducing alternative imagery, such as a tie-dye elephant or a row of elephants holding each other's tails, we can shift the focus away from the initial image. This phenomenon is something that many people experience, and it's a concept we can leverage to benefit both our parenting and our mindset when it comes to preparing for a natural birth experience.

It's essential to consider the types of stories and imagery we expose ourselves to, especially as we prepare for natural childbirth. Whether it's through movies, television, well-meaning friends, or, gasp! even family members, we often encounter non-optimal or unrealistic imagery and stories. These can create unnecessary fear and anxiety.

By actively seeking out positive and realistic imagery and stories of natural human and animal birth, we can provide our minds with a more accurate guide or blueprint for what is normal. This might involve engaging with blogs, podcasts, YouTube channels, and books that share empowering and authentic narratives of natural childbirth.

Ultimately, understanding the power of imagery and re-framing our approach can help us navigate parenting with greater ease and prepare for the beautiful journey of childbirth with a positive and empowered mindset. It's about surrounding ourselves with the right stories and imagery to optimize our mental and physical readiness for the incredible experience of natural birth.

Do you have a favorite resource to share?

We'd love to hear about it in the comments! Here's a couple of ours:

Website & Book! Mama Natural - Book is a lovely natural alternative to the What to Expect book. Here's their childbirth class:

YouTube vlog birth post (find her channel for a plethora of amazing natural birth content):

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