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For the love of Placenta

There are many traditions for the placenta or “tree of life” following the birth of a child. No other time in life does the body grow a specific organ, and no other organ is SO vital in a baby's life. The placenta is literally baby's life line. That fact alone commands at least some gratitude for such an organ.

In some cultures the placenta is hung from a tree or floated down a river, in others it is buried under to doorstep with the belief the child will always return home, or even buried under a special plant or tree that grows as the child grows.


In practices that use the placenta for medicinal purposes, such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is prepared with warming herbs lemon and ginger and ground into powder which can be encapsulated for consumption. The mother is reintroduced to vital nutrients; vitamins, minerals, iron and hormones that are chemically unique to each pregnancy and found in the placenta. Why does the body do this? It is the norm for mammals of the wider world, humans included, to consume these stored nutrients.


So.... what's the benefit? We frequently hear and have witnessed repeatedly the following; pain relief following birth, more rapid initiation of a milk supply and an increase in supply when capsules are increased or reintroduced after the initial “milk coming in”, better weight gain in babies whose mothers are consuming placenta capsules, markedly faster cessation of postpartum bleeding and more rapid return of the uterus to pre-pregnancy size, hormonal balance resulting in a decrease or completely non existent "baby blues", even moms who have struggled with moderate postpartum depression (many of which required medication) after past pregnancies, seem to sail through reporting the difference feels like night and day! Increases in energy, so much so that moms are back on their feet sooner...We usually feel we need to caution our moms to NOT take the placenta capsules after 3pm or they'll be awake all night, instead of resting and recovering from birth!


You don't have to take our word for it, do an internet search for “placenta encapsulation research” and you'll rapidly see for yourself the goodness of this rising trend.




Encapsulation into pills for easy use. Comes with free dehydrated cord keepsake! (if we have enough cord to make the keepsake with - some hospitals or cord blood banking facilities require taking too much cord to allow for a keepsake)


Optional Extras:


Excellent for hormonal help for mom or baby & practically never expires. (Think first period, first time leaving baby with sitter or for teething comfort- We've even seen grandmas use tinctures for menopausal symptoms!) Tinctures can be “everlasting” as they are alcohol based and can be refilled and reused.



Your placenta is colored with food grade dye and printed on a blank white canvas. Each print is as unique as a fingerprint, and it’s so exciting to see the variety of cord insertions, vessel branches and that beautiful “tree like” art made by your baby, forever saved for you. Baby’s name, birth statistics and even feet print can be added around the placenta print in the blank spaces of the canvas! (We are happy to help with this and add it to your canvas for free)

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