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Family Tree Midwifery

Belly Binding

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Randi Fay is very excited to be certified in Belly Binding, as well as warming and sealing ceremonies. This certification delves deep into holistic postpartum care, loving and "treating" new mothers on every level possible-mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. I have found the services to postpartum women in our community (and society in general) to be lacking and I have been truly touched by the level of honor and care that is provided with services such as belly binding, warming and sealing. 

It so beautifully fits my own feelings about the entire childbearing year, the reverence that is deserved by women-mothers....this is a Sacred time and should be honored as such!

I am offering these holistic services to ALL postpartum mothers!

You do not have to be a client of Family Tree Midwifery to benefit from these services.

This would make an AMAZING and PERSONAL gift for a baby shower or blessingway.

Gift certificates are available!

Some important definitions as you read about my services:

Honoring: the right of passage from maiden to mother should be marked, honored and valued. Women should feel valued for their accomplishments. Their birth stories need to be told and heard by loving, validating ears and a caring heart. A sacred ceremony is a beautiful way to mark this transition!

Warming: It is important for women immediately postpartum to be warmed. The act of birthing a baby is a cooling process for the body and requires heating to restore balance. Warming stimulates blood flow and has a positive effect on circulation and metabolism. It nourishes and revitalizes skin and major organs. It aids in removing toxins from the body by assisting the lymphatic system which eliminates waste throughout the body. Continued warming will promote the body to release retained water, fat and waste that is no longer needed once the birthing process is complete. This can be done with warm foods, baths, warm oil massage and warming essential oil spray and/or an herbal paste followed by belly binding.

Sealing: The entire birthing process is about "opening", spiritually, mentally and physically. You can sense and witness this opening around a postpartum mother as she has love and open energy to ANYONE in her presence. She will often say words such as "I LOVED my Doctor" (or nurse, or Midwife or...just about anyone who entered her birthing space, even if they were strangers) She will rarely refuse someone a visit in the first few days after her baby has arrived. She is welcoming and loving to all. She freely gives and shares with all. She is still OPEN from her birth...This is beautiful, but can easily leave the mother in a vulnerable and depleted space. Once alone, she can feel exhausted, resentful, spent and in an emotionally dark place.

Instead, she should be protected and nurtured so that her energy, love and openness guides her in bonding and caring for her new baby and transitioning into motherhood-even if it is her 15th baby, her role as mother is shifting yet again and she (perhaps even more so) needs this loving care. Once baby is born, the body and emotions benefit from a "sealing" or closing of that which has been opened and is now raw and vulnerable. This is critical in proper holistic postpartum healing. This ceremony may seem strange to us in the United States where emphasis shifts to the new baby, and off the mother, pretty much immediately after the birthing process is complete. It is important to continue to hold space for the mother, honoring the hard work she has just completed, bestowing blessings, aiding in her unique healing process and welcoming her into society as the new person she has transformed into.

A sealing ceremony to help a mother close from birth can be as simple as a fragrant herbal, milk and honey bath for her and baby. This is done before binding and many mothers take the beauty of this bath as an opportunity for professional photos of mama and baby to mark this healing, sealing, bonding experience. I offer packages which include just binding, or a combination of a sealing bath for mom and baby as well as binding.

Binding: Belly binding is a process in which a woman's belly is bound tightly shortly after giving birth. The tradition of Bengkung belly binding which originated in Malaysia, can also be found around the world in various forms. Sacred belly binding serves many functions, the most physical and obvious listed below, but equally important, it aids holistically in warming and closing the body, mind and spirit after birth.

Bengkung Belly Binding is a meticulous 40 day method of postpartum is a traditional Malaysian belly binding method that is considered an ancient art and has been practiced for many generations. It supports the physical healing of the vertical abdominal muscles and internal organs which go through drastic changes during pregnancy and after birth. Holistic Medicine tells us that the postpartum mother should be wrapped and warmed for 40 days. With this binding, I wrap the mother to keep her warm, and use warming herbal paste to expedite the healing process (see warming definition above).

What exactly does Traditional Bengkung binding provide?

~It slims rib cage, belly and hips

~Helps to pull separated abdominal muscles back together (Diastasis Recti)

~Prevents back pain

~Supports spine and posture realignment

~Decreases postpartum bleeding time and postpartum pouchy belly

~Provides support to internal abdominal and pelvic organs

~Stabilizes loosened ligaments

~Decreases water retention and aids in elimination of wastes on a cellular level

~Is a crucial part of the holistic sealing, warming and binding ceremony of a postpartum mother (see above)

How is it different from the all in one Binders such as "Belly Bandit" or postpartum support girdles?

The length is crucial! This binds from the lower hips, all the way to the rib cage under the breast. It is used with a warming paste that speeds the healing process. Each knot as it is tightened can be manipulated in a way to provide more or less support in various areas depending on need. (ie: some mothers need tighter hip wraps due to pubis symphysis or back pain from pregnancy, some need the hips looser but want to pull in the rib cage more to reduce flaring from pregnancy-every mothers needs are different) Bengkung binding can be specialized to each specific need, and adjusted each time it is used! You cannot find that much adaptability with any other method!


Recommended time frame for these services is between day 4 and 14. If you are recovering from a Cesarean it is recommended you do not apply the warming oils during wrapping until after your incision is completely healed

(2-4 weeks).

Also note: It is never, ever too late to honor a woman for giving birth. While you may have stumbled across these services weeks (or even months) after giving birth, you can still benefit on many levels...if you feel drawn to receive these services, go for it!

COMPLETE SEALING CEREMONY PACKAGE: $300 (approximately 90-120 minutes)

This package includes a beautiful warm milk and honey and herbal bath for mom and baby complete with fresh fragrant floating flowers. (the herbs, milk and honey aid in healing wounds for the mother, healing baby's umbilical cord/stump so it falls off sooner, softens and moisturizes skin, and feels downright luxurious) This is a lovely photo op for those wanting a unique moment to capture a precious mother baby bonding session! The mother and baby's needs come first and help is given (as desired) with entering and exiting the tub as well as handling baby in water. This is a wonderful learning opportunity for new mothers or those who have not had the experience bathing with baby in a tub full of water. Often baby nurses during this bath which is a wonderful sign of contentment and relaxation! The warm soothing water creates a lovely "space" to process the birth story however it unfolded and leave any discontentment behind to wash down the drain, emerging with fresh fragrance, healed energy and renewed motherly confidence.

After the bath, the mother will receive her own wrap (similar to what is shown above) to keep as well as herbal paste or a spray bottle of essential oils for use during her entire postpartum recovery. She will have the paste applied to her belly and be bound, as well as taught how to bind herself as she is bound so she may continue with daily binding as recommended. (10-12 hours a day for about 40 days postpartum)

What is needed for this service: Privacy! This ceremony/package takes about 90 minutes to two hours, and pauses will be taken as needed to incorporate baby care and nursing, however it is necessary that other children/family/friends honor the need for mostly quiet, and private space so the new mother can fully relax without distraction during this process. The home should be thought of as a spa for this time if at all possible! Also needed: A clean and serene tub for your bath (free from toddler bath toys), a bowl, spoon and oil of your preference for applying the belly paste. A sheet of plastic wrap to help keep the paste off the bind is also very helpful.

BINDING ONLY: $200 (approximately 45-60 minutes)

This package includes an application of herbal paste and traditional bengkung belly bind on the mother. The mother will receive her own wrap to keep as well as enough herbal paste for use during her entire postpartum recovery. She will be taught how to bind herself after bathing or taking a break from binding. It is recommended to stay bound for 10-12 hours a day for about 40 days postpartum

What is needed for this service: Approximately 45-60 minutes. Comfortable clothing. A pack of square flannel receiving blankets and a sheet of plastic wrap for protecting your clothing and wrap (and baby) from absorbing the herbal paste. A spoon, bowl and oil of your preference for mixing the paste.

Notes on Binding: Use your herbal paste every time you wrap. If your skin is feeling sensitive you can take a break from the paste, but continue to bind daily. Wear your wrap 10-12 hours a day for 40 days. If you do not feel quite satisfied with results, you can wear your wrap past the 40 day time frame, but it is recommended that your body have a break from wrapping for about 12 hours each day. (simple way to accomplish this is sleep without your wrap on)


Just the wrap: If you have done binding before or would like to purchase ONLY a wrap it is $60

(15-17 yards by 6-8 inches wide)

Just belly paste: Need more? Wanna DIY and need ONLY the paste? $20 for a 8oz canning jar full of organic belly paste herbs to firm up skin, pull out toxins and extra water weight and warm up the areas most needing superb circulation for faster healing.

Yes you can combine the paste and wrap for a DIY bundle $80.

Yes you can pick up from my home office but you must message in advance to set up a time.

Please fill out the form under the Contact Tab, or call/email at the contact information below to request more information or make sure I am available for services around your due time. NOTE: Location restrictions do apply to within 45-60 minutes of the Folsom/Orangevale area-I am willing to travel further, but will have an additional $50 travel fee, please inquire :)

Supplies for a mama about to get a full service package, bath, oils, crown, candles, herbs and a brand new wrap!

...and the "during" photo!

Taiwan flat knot technique-smoother feel for under clothing & longer wear time.

3 days after birth

7 days later

(daily binding)

Rounded knot technique, while this makes for a "pretty" knot formation down the center that's fun for display, it can be uncomfortable and unforgiving of mistakes.

Flower crowns to honor the beautiful woman-mother you are!

Healing herbal and floral bath for mama-baby. Never any crying, it's simply enchanting to watch how much babies love these baths!